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kindness in Baltimore City

Baltimore is a divided city – black and white and in between. Some see the other as enemy. But that’s not so. For example, today I took my white-haired, white lady self and my small red cart down the street … Continue reading

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taking a walk april 26, 2016

There’s someplace in the Bible that says fence-sitters are going to Hell. It was primary voting day in Maryland, and I voted for uncommitted. It was the first time I felt bad about voting. Afterwards I went over to Jack … Continue reading

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A produce store in Stonerville – 27apr14

Down the road, the international produce store The owner looks as forlorn and as his wilted greens and blemished avocados. His customers pick through the bins searching for youth at bargain prices. At the far end, I see Emily Dickinson … Continue reading

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