ancient promise
turn, turn, turn
eruption of flowers

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all-purpose adjective

This morning out walking –
Walking down Light Street
walking behind a guy repetitively repeating
that all-American participial adjective
formerly referred to as a 4-letter word but now too
ubiquitous to be shocking.

The napowrimo prompt for the day: repetition

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Morning walk

Hanging from a fourth story window
a man with a bucket
clutching a squeegee washes
winter grime
from the condo

In the new restaurant’s window
a man nicely suited
precisely sets silver
on the white linened table

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The ATM fell into the brink
Banner on top a literal sail
orange electrical wire marking the spot
where it splashed in.

Harbor police boat churns to the rescue
17 feet under. Wet suited up

Light City streams on
Cold cash


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April deluge

Force field round building
no welcome outside

Frantic beating on windows
Go away! Go away!

Free love for red tulips
cups overflowing

April, April

The napowrimo prompt for today was different ways of looking at the same thing. Hard rain followed byclearing.

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Romeo and Juliet

Never was there a tale
more apt for its audience
Romeo and Juliet-
Middle and High School
Bored, befuddled –
gasp in delight at actors’ lewd gestures
laugh when Mercutio and Tybaldt fall
audibly sigh when Juliet kissed
too cool to be moved by loves suicide

Afterwards –
shyly in awe –
chat with the cast.

April 5
This morning I ushered for the Chesapaeke Shakespere’s performance of Romeo and Juliet for middle and high school students

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What happened to you?
We waited and waited.
We made preparations. – you never showed.
Now if you – in your fickleness –
blow into town, we will not welcome you.
We’ve moved on – planted flowers.

What happened to you?
I’ve heard rumors that you are on retreat
seeking salvation in the high Himalayas
Or Dead.
Gone. Extinct.
You and the polar bears.
Say it isn’t so.

Perhaps –
next year?

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