Fate: the intersection of Time and Space.
Monday, June 12th
Me on foot and
a black Honda.

[the longer version]

I laugh and say I’m risk adverse
I look both ways on one-way streets
until yesterday, when I forgot.
Too late, I saw a backwards, fast-moving car.
I jumped aside, but not enough
x-rays said nothing broken.

I’ve learned my lesson
Fate can strike from all

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Dandelion gold

Dandelion gold
honeys the bee
silvery wisps

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Went out this morning

Went out this morning
and bought a baguette
My neighborhood allows such pretty pretense –
the young ones all dressed for a street scene
in Paris or Soho.
French bakery, and Dragon
Elegant and funky
cheerfully collide.

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Mother’s Day

Walking by the Basilica,
church-goers exiting
A woman in a gauzy Spring dress
with her cane wielding Mother behind her.
– A light breeze –
The Mother barks – Hold your dress down
The woman dutifully drops her arm to her side –
stoically keeps walking.

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my head

I look at it everyday
inside I’ve never seen
It means everything to me
without it –
I’m not me.

napowrimo prompt for today – describe a small interior space
My goal this year was to post on at least 15 days. I think I’m there.

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Rules of the Game

When I was young, I went to football games.
We were expected to cheer the school team on.
I was always mystified as how the players knew
which way to run. Then in my Senior year, the light came on –
the direction that they’re facing, when they line up.
I asked to see the rule book and was told, just watch and learn.
I’ve tried – It’s challenging.

Like when someone says “How are you?” They don’t actually want to hear it.
Or how everyone knows just what to wear
to a funeral or summer wedding.

So if you want to play a game – I’ll try.
Just dot the ‘i’s” and cross the ‘t’s’- spell out the rules.
I’m still a little clueless.

The napowrimo prompt for today – write a poem using language from any game.

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Dim all the lights

Now turns the day
into the night –
Gently going.

Close the eyes.
Draw up the sheet.
Dim all the lights.

Gently gone –
Good night.

napowrimo prompt for today – write a nocturne

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