Last night Oct. 4 was the first class of a writing workshop. I thought it was prose/poetry, but it’s prose poetry. I’m not sure what that is but the class was fun if a bit intimidating. Half the class have MFA’s and I’m at least a generation older than everyone else; but if not now, there won’t be a when.
week 1 just for fun
Who am I? I thought I knew but it seems that is a delusion. According to Google – and Google wouldn’t lie- there are at least fourteen of me living in Arizona, Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama and several in New Jersey. To add to my confusion some of me are men. My personality isn’t split, it’s fractured. Or, I’m thinking, is this digital reincarnation? – Perhaps the Internet is so cool and fast, you don’t even need to die first.

Last night I Googled you and there are 34 of you in the United States alone. That song keeps running through my head “getting to know you…getting to know all about you….” Now I’m not so sure. Perhaps we should pick the best of me and the best of you and that way we could finally write a happy ending.

I mean, I know who I am, I think…

week 2 oct.8
Christmas ‘51

In the old photo, I wear a cowboy hat and cowboy vest and proudly hold a pistol. Santa did not bring the gun for me. In my family, girls got dolls for Christmas. The gun was for my younger brother, Pete. Whatever he’d been wishing for, it was not a gun. When he saw, it he stomped his feet and walked away. I saw my chance and took it – and the hat and vest and holster. Mother said, “So you think you’re Annie Oakley?” I thought I was a happy girl.
That same year, my sister B. and I got dolls, as usual, and small suitcases in plastic alligator hide. I carefully placed my gun inside, then B. and I sat on the stairs and took a train to Texas. My older sister Mary made a broomstick horse – a cardboard cutout head, painted black with a long white mane made  from a tattered sheet. With gun and horse, I was the lawman of the basement. While upstairs in our attic bedroom, the Christmas doll sat with a placid smile.

week 3 Oct 15 slight variation on blog post “Street Music”

week 3 oct.22 –  Best let it be