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Mother’s Day

Walking by the Basilica, church-goers exiting A woman in a gauzy Spring dress with her cane wielding Mother behind her. – A light breeze – The Mother barks – Hold your dress down The woman dutifully drops her arm to … Continue reading

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on a bench

On a bench by the station sleeping weathered face turned to the sun

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all-purpose adjective

This morning out walking – Walking down Light Street walking behind a guy repetitively repeating that all-American participial adjective formerly referred to as a 4-letter word but now too ubiquitous to be shocking. The napowrimo prompt for the day: repetition

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Morning walk

Hanging from a fourth story window a man with a bucket clutching a squeegee washes winter grime from the condo In the new restaurant’s window a man nicely suited precisely sets silver on the white linened table

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Mt. Vernon, Baltimore

​Went for a walk, South on Park. Three guys were filming a rap video near Lex. Clerk at Urban Outlet came outside and danced in the snow. Why I love Mt. Vernon.

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Mt. Vernon Baltimore 26apr16

There’s someplace in the Bible that says fence-sitters are going to Hell. It was primary voting day in Maryland, and I voted for uncommitted. It was the first time I felt bad about voting. Afterwards I went over to Jack … Continue reading

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Why I love Baltimore…

Why I love Baltimore – especially Mount Vernon – Wednesday at noon time free jazz at the Peabody Thursday writer talk at Enoch Pratt Library Thurgood Marshall Supreme maker of History Saturday Shakespeare Titus Andronicus Goth band, dead bodies Sunday … Continue reading

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