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Cafe Fili

Cafe File at Read and Cathedral Saturday morning young staff welcoming yawning On bar stool facing the window – black baseball cap tall cold brew at table, stout lady dark hair bangs chatting with striped shirt two geezers walk in … Continue reading

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This may look like weeds but it once was covered with demolition rubble – then bulldozed clean and spread with seed. I call it life.

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Little birds

The little birds seem wary of the crumbs, but when the blue green pigeon comes they join the feast and peck the sidewalk clean.

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Purple Ribbons

Purple ribbons streaming names sidewalk’s prey remembered.

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I took a walk in the rain

I took a walk in the rain today.  Got to wear my new rain jacket. On Madison, a teal shirt hangs half in half out of the After Hour Depository. A man with a stubbled chin sheltering under an Absolut … Continue reading

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Street music

What do I listen to? It all depends in summer, with the windows open, I listen to the street The harrumph of garage trucks beep-beeping delivery trucks 4-wheeled rap blasting air brakes of the Pink line bus – murmur of … Continue reading

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kindness in Baltimore City

Baltimore is a divided city – black and white and in between. Some see the other as enemy. But that’s not so. For example, today I took my white-haired, white lady self and my small red cart down the street … Continue reading

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