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On Sunday October 8, I fell from grace brought low by a rising sidewalk — an angel appeared in a black SUV and ferried me to the Mercy – the green-garbed staff peering deep inside, said – No doubt, you’re … Continue reading

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Best let it be

After the accident, Kay came in to help me clean. In the entranceway, my Grandma sits on an faded couch with me and my brothers and sisters crowded ’round. Kay said there’s dust on top this picture frame. Best let … Continue reading

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Just my luck

I think I need an amulet – a big one – to ward of accidents. Clumsy, I am not, but walking home from the farmers’ market, I tripped and broke both my wrists – who puts a step in the … Continue reading

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Cafe Fili

Cafe File at Read and Cathedral –  Saturday morning – young staff welcoming,  yawning. On bar stool, facing the window – black baseball cap – tall cold brew. At a table, a dark-haired lady turquoise frames chats with a striped … Continue reading

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New life rising

This may look like weeds but this lot at Howard & Franklin was once covered with the remains of the Mayfair Theater. It was bulldozed clean and spread with seed. Sign of new life rising,

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Little birds

The little birds seem wary of the crumbs, but when the blue green pigeon comes they join the feast and peck the sidewalk clean.

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Purple Ribbons

Purple ribbons streaming names sidewalk’s prey remembered.

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