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Chocolate yogurt

A bit off my usual posts but this is good: Greek Yogurt – 1 cup plain, whole milk yogurt is best unsweetened coco powder 1 tbsp + 2 tsp adjust to taste dribble of vanilla sprinkle of cinnamon all-fruit apricot … Continue reading

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Mt. Vernon

I live in a bubble – such a beautiful bubble – Rainbows reflected in sunshine. Well pensioned and social securityeed, I idlely fill in the daily word puzzles, and skim the headline unpleasantries. I give a kind dollar to the … Continue reading

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trotting behind

Strolling along hand in hand chatting Trotting behind – their dacshund So dogcilely

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Sunday morning on Charles St.

Sunday morning on Charles Street – French, Italian, Vinaigrette I wondered, if someone had lost their napowrimo day 30 prompt: weirdness

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This mural is down the street – just over the edge of gentrification. The Dragon represents the long ago China town and the Lion of Judah,the emerging Ethiopian community. At the restaurant, you eat with injera not forks and next … Continue reading

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I got style

Jealousy, jealousy – my, my, my – I see the envy in their eyes My hair, my flair my you-can’t-duplicate-me style What inspires this pathetic green-eyed envy? I am free from all restrictions don’t need a fawning fashionista don’t need … Continue reading

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Old horse

Old horse faithfully pulled its cart down all the years now old and slow – unbridled no apples, cabbage cobblestone Uncertain, it steps on clovered field One step and then another… It frolics- not like a colt – more grateful … Continue reading

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