I got style

Jealousy, jealousy – my, my, my –
I see the envy in their eyes
My hair, my flair
my you-can’t-duplicate-me style
What inspires this
pathetic green-eyed

I am free from all restrictions
don’t need a fawning fashionista
don’t need anyone’s approval
When I push my cart down Charles Street
I see my perfection in every
glassy store’s reflection

My cart and me no locks, no keys
Sometimes they ask Can they help me?
I smile indulgently

I see them in the restaurant windows
touching up their no-smear lipstick
slaves to insecurity
I am so uniquely me

Do I need a place to stay? Yeah, right.
They want to hide me out of sight
No honey, I’m just fine –
No one’s going to hide my light

I got a pink plume in my felt fedora
scarlett high tops, velvet vest
my harem pants are gold lamé
my opera cape faux silk brocade.

Eat your heart out
I got style.

napowrimo prompt april 21 – the myth of Narcissus

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