Cafe Fili

Cafe Fili at Read and Cathedral –  Saturday morning – young staff welcoming,  yawning.
On bar stool, facing the window – black baseball cap – tall cold brew.
At a table, a dark-haired lady turquoise frames chats with a striped shirt. Two elder men walk in sit at the next table – sipping, debating  – stay or go? Recital at 3:30.
One goes, one joins the turquoise framed lady.

Two 20’s, flip-flops and shorts raise their shades ponder the menu.  Hipster at counter staring at laptop idling, sipping – short buzz cut.

avocado zaatar  toast with egg – coffee

you don’t know what you got till it’s gone…..times they are a’changing

Outside the window, Emmanuel Episcopal framed by the blue sky.
Mount Vernon.

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