I took a walk in the rain

I took a walk in the rain today.  Got to wear my new rain jacket.

On Madison, a teal shirt hangs half in half out of the After Hour Depository.

A man with a stubbled chin sheltering under an Absolut Vodka umbrella checks the meters for overlooked change. I stop for coffee at Baby’s On Fire. A portly guy in shorts, tattooed arms, shoulders, thighs, head clasped in white ear phones, stares at his laptop, on his lap, a ball of white yarn and the lacey white piece he’s crocheting. A sturdy young woman wearing a Washington Wizards hat and an Under Armour grey hoody slouches in, sceptically searches the bins of old vinyl – bursts into a smile. She didn’t expect to find that.

On my way back, at Monument and Cathedral, lush blossoms hang from the lamp posts in the park. Toadstools grow in the tree wells.

The stately old townhouse long renovating, flourishes a banner – Now Leasing.

I shake the rain off my umbrella – I’m home.

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