Who would do this to a flower?

Last week, flowers – red and white vinca –
were planted beneath the curbside tree.

Come Sunday morning, they were not.
Someone had uprooted them
and left them beside their empty holes
to die

Who would do this to a flower?

I imagined some reveler coming from the corner bar
stumbled there and
out of need or spitefulness
asked the flowers –
Love me? Love me not?

Gently I pressed them back
into their holes

Will they survive? Who knows –
flowers are a hardy lot.

Aug. 18 They struck again. This time a clue –
red-wrapped takeout chopsticks planted upright, like someone staking claim.
Mystery solved – seems there is a homeless woman, possibly mentally ill, who has been uprooting plants. (As reported on the neighborhood FB page)

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