A walk in Mount Vernon

I took a walk, mid-afternoon
past the old theater
being cautiously demolished.
Across the street a new building rising
More apartments- millennial housing.
Past the Cathedral and Enoch Pratt Library
racks of blue bikes waiting for rental.
a young guy, neatly dressed, says that he’s hungry
I give him the change in my pocket.

Stop at 7-11 for milk and bananas
up past the Museum to Monument park.
I shuffle through the dried leaves just for
the pleasure.

Guy on the corner with bucket of bright flowers
‘Buy a bouquet – only $2.00’
I ask if they fell off of a truck.
He smiles. I buy one.

Older guy walking down the sidewalk
beside me –
Those will brighten your table.
I used to buy flowers every month for my Mother.
Her name was Rose.
I wasn’t always a good son
had a hard time in the navy.

I wish him well as I enter my building
And that’s what it’s like to take a walk
in Mount Vernon.

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