Overcast. I check the weather report – rain to start in 2 hours, so although it looks like rain, I believe the weather app and take a book to Monument Park. I read one page ā€“ a drop or two. Ignore. More drops. Close book. Rain coming down harder. I stand under a small tree. Not enough shelter. I look right and left and see steps with an awning. I make a dash and hunker down on the top step. Rain blowing every which way. I retreat into the deep recessed doorway. Rain drops smashing on the street turn into translucent bubbles – a fast flowing river. Cars zip by spraying winged plumes to each side.
40 minutes.

The sun comes out – and just like that – the rain stops.I cautiously step down to the sidewalk. Water dripping from awning and trees. Water in the gutters is deep and fast flowing. I look for a shallower crossing and carefully wade to the opposite side. Except for my ankles, I’m perfectly dry. Amazing

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