Best way to walk
when you got nowhere to go

That’s pretty much what I did today.
Headed for Downtown and then took the pedestrian walk along the rim of the Harbor. The Inner Harbor has the aquarium, historic ships, tourist shops, and flowers. As you go further East, it’s marinas, 1% condos,and corporate headquarters. A guy in a yellow hard hat, pointing to the top of another one rising, said “From up there, you can see the whole city”. Benches were mostly empty due to the weather. A few mallards and pigeons were hoping for handouts. A water wheel powered by sunshine and currents removes 50,000 lbs of trash from the Harbor each day.

The walkway ends in Fells Point with its cobblestone streets and still gritty charm. Had a slice of pizza and checked out the Goodwill. Windy and drizzly, as I made my way back. Stopped at the Frederick Douglas Maritime Museum. He spent most of his slave years at work in the Harbor.

According to Google, I did about 5 miles. Not quite a marathon but for me a good walk.

Finished at Ceremony Coffee with a great mocha latte.

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