taking a walk april 26, 2016

There’s someplace in the Bible that says fence-sitters are going to Hell. It was primary voting day in Maryland, and I voted for uncommitted. It was the first time I felt bad about voting. Afterwards I went over to Jack & Zachs for a late breakfast. Jack & Zach’s looks like a country-road diner run by two guys who might have been raised in a commune. Everything organic. The rest of the neighborhood is trying for upscale trendy. Jack & Zach’s follows its own path. 20160426_105933[by Zach]

On the way home I stopped at Po Tung’s on Park Ave., mid-block off Mulberry and bought Chinese broccoli, apples and green beans. The woman who owns the store seemed sullen the last couple times I’ve been in there. I wonder if it’s the store or personal? Down the street in front of a bordered up building, there’s a yellow sign: Reserved for Loitering. a friendly block? or a respite for the homeless?

Street work continues on the very large hole that opened near Centre between Park and Cathedral. Possible showers but I’m taking Macbeth to the park. I need to brush up. I have a ticket in two weeks to see him.

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