Dearest Mother

Dear Mother I owe everything to you
without you I’d have no place to place my feet,
no rock to sit, no path to follow,
no day or night, no far horizon

There’d be no leaf-of-fig nor wool to weave
no way to cover top and bottom.
No river flowing to the sea, no salmon upstream spawning
No seed to plant, no wheat to reap, no bread to knead
No worm or mole to till the field.

I owe everything to you.
Without you there’d be no log, no coal, no boggy peat
to warm the cave, the straw-thatched hut. No fire to turn clay into pots.
no cup of tea no buttered biscuit.

No acorns falling from oak trees, no robin nests, no honey bees
No squirrel, bear, or burly bison, no wren to sing, no goose to squawk.

I owe everything to you.
Happy Earth Day, Dearest Mother.

napowrimo day 22: earth day

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