I took a page-turner

I took page-turner to the Monument green space
to sit by the water-spouter and sprinkler

Park-poopers walk by leading leash-holders who
follow behind with baggies and scoopers

Small-gigglers roll on the green flora as
small-giggler-tenders explain that the nymph in the sprinkler has special permission and they must keep their clothes on.

Sitters at tables nibble on wrappers dropping crumbs
for feathered-crumb-snatchers

A tattered man goes from table to table begging for change but
no one knows how to transform him

I turn the last page of my who-done-it page-turner
and walk home to a building that once was a warehouse but
now is the place that I live in.

napowrimo day 20. prompt to write a ‘kenning’ poem. This doesn’t quite do that but sometimes it’s just fun to play with words

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