I took a bus to Fort McHenry

The forecast hot and sunny
I took a bus to Fort McHenry
At the bus stop, a woman with pale red hair
sipped a liter of Nestea. A man walked by with a dog –
both were short with scruffy chin hair.

Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry

The Fort is now a National Park
lushly green and blossoming
At first sight the Fort is not impressive
until you get close and see that it’s built
low and squat on high earthen mounds
Its cannons still guard the harbor
In the 1814 they repelled the British navy
Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry

Along the sea walk
Casual tourists, dog walkers, bike riders
laughing lines of school children following their teachers

Caution: Please Stay Off the Seawall
the duck – illiterate – pays no mind

Across the water, cargo ships bedecked with tall cranes
work with a steady mechanical hum
A squared masted sail boat catches the breeze
Three fisherman in a flat boat
hats: red, tan and yellow

I always thought I’d like to live by the water
this isn’t what I had in mind but
it might do.

napowrimo day 18

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