I took a walk – New York City 17 oct2014

A few years ago my friend Nora’s daughter walked the Camino de Santiago, an almost 500 miles long pilgrimage route across Northern Spain. Nora said we should do that. Reality set in and we decided to walk the length of Manhattan instead – about 13 miles. But another reality check, and we broke that walk into 3 parts. Last fall Nora, her husband Nick and I walked from the NY Public Library at 5th Avenue and 42th St to Battery Park at the Southern tip on Manhattan – about 4 miles. Our walk on Oct. 17 was the second part of the walk – a little over 5 miles – we plan to finish the third part in the spring. Yesterday, the weather was perfect and all of NY seemed in a good mood.

I took a walk
with friends
beneath blue skies
We strolled from the
fountain by the Plaza
heading West
then up Broadway
Westside was sparkling,
shoppers, dog walkers
nannies with babies
elderly walkers
millennial talkers

We stopped at Papaya King at 72nd
ate hotdogs in a vest pocket park

Then up, up Broadway to one hundred and first
took a break – coffee, iced tea and beer,
Nora said brightly – “25 blocks to go”
Neighborhood gradually
loosing it’s glitter
Sidewalk booksellers lining the way
Columbia students at sidewalk cafes
Nick pointed out historic old buildings
spared from construction – University expansion.

We reach our goal – 125th and Broadway!
Nora says, “I know a place we can eat
at 135th”
trudge, trudge, trudge – another 10 blocks
then West to 12th Avenue
under a bridge and
there to the right, blue umbrellas and red
Covo’s – cafe
pizza with figs and Gorgonzola
salad and Cabernet

We munched and chatted
and toasted our walk.
Train downtown with hugs and promises
to meet again
and walk

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