A robber’s frost – 29apr14

A robber’s frost has stolen my feet
my toes lie frozen
in the freezer

A Dove bar coos
and I do
I grow 10 feet tall and bump my
head against the trestled ceiling of
the white hare’s tracks

He left a note:
Gone to Pepperland to help
the Doctor transplant hearts

I make a cup of wonton tea
and stir in a jelly Rubix cube
My fortune cookie reads:
Your future will appear in history books
indexed under Joan of Arc

C’est la vie – what can I do?

I see a long and winding road
I hear a clash of symbols
I feel a burning in my heart
I smell the coming of the angels

The Dove bar tweets
I grab a piece, and melt
into a teeny
Today’s NaPoWriMO prompt “is called the “Twenty Little Poetry Projects,” the challenge is to use them all in one poem”

I didn’t use most of these 20, but this was fun.

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