Alliteration – 23apr2014

Scripture revealed in
scraps of parchment scrolls
preserved by ancient scribes
in sacred mounds
– synchronicity –
spray paint script
scrawled in subway tunnels
The Poetry Daily Poet’s Pick for today was a translation of an Old English love poem Wulf and Eadwacer (960-990) by Katie Peterson. I can’t find her translation online but here is another translation.
I did a search on old English poetry and ended up on a Wikipedia page alliterative verse – and decided to try that for today’s poem.

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4 Responses to Alliteration – 23apr2014

  1. Starralee says:

    Well, if I get ‘er done, I’ll link back to you!


  2. pdholm says:

    It ws fun.I’d loved to see yours.


  3. Starralee says:

    Ooh, now you have me wanting to try this!


  4. Genuine Poetry says:

    Very nice. I had heard of alliteration, but not alliterative verse. good to know.



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