I wandered desolate… 15apr14

I wandered desolate as the homeless
down rainy streets
a bird without a nest

The coffee shop was over crowded
decibels above my mood
I ordered a dark roast and walked out

past a deli’s outdoor stand – there
sheltered beneath a tattered awning
rows and rows of tulips

on that brief block – the sun came out
My 7th grade teacher had her classes – year after year-
memorize and loudly recite Wm. Wordsworth’s I wandered
lonely as a cloud
. Years later my sisters and brothers and I sat
in my mother’s living room and recited it in unison– no one missed a word.

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2 Responses to I wandered desolate… 15apr14

  1. Genuine Poetry says:

    I like your version. thought-provoking!



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