this & that 9apr14

I’m posting scraps so I can say I posted today.
Prompt today to write a poem using the title of 5 songs from your play list….well I don’t have playlist but spent the afternoon reading Richard Goldstein’s The Poetry of Rock(1969). A found it in a used book store. It’s OP but get a copy if you can.
Went to Alice’s Restaurant for breakfast
ate organic eggs from Maggie’s farm
then drove my Chevy pass the levee
to the Bridge over troubled water
where I laid me down –
for a nap.

I looked in the mirror
and no one looked back

I talked to myself
and no body listened

I picked up the phone
and got a dead line

I yelled hello
and an echo
yelled back
Hello? Hello?

Reading ’60’s rock lyrics will do that to you.

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