14th & Ave B 12feb2013

On the way to New York City
waiting for the bus
in the station state police
with sniffer dogs
looking for a different bus

In the waiting room
a mother cuddles her laughing child
swaddled in a spotted coat and
tasselled hat.

A young Indian guy sports a Beatles cut
and pointy shoes.
Across the way a forlorn lad
wears his pants rolled up above his socks
his shoulders draped in
a grey knit cape
fashionable in a fashion

We board the bus and pull away.

“Big Opportunities”
“Follow Us”
“Her town lost 15,000 pounds”
“Repent. The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”

Stands of skinny, naked trees
stand rooted in the snow
Rows of cemetery stones
stand planted on the cold

Welcome to Waterbury
McDonald’s, Office Max,
Chili’s and J.C. Pennys

On the road:
Moving vans, and Shop-Rite trucks
semis with Virginia plates
Beer and Milk and empty pallets,

White breasted hawks
in frozen trees
stand silent watch

Danbury station sits
next to K Mundo Travel
Envie su dinero aqui
Flights to Lima, El Salvador,
Santo Domingo and Cali

We take the lower level
GW Bridge
to Northern Jersey
and then tunnel back
to New York City

Cab to 14th and Ave.B
On the table, a sticky note:
“Welcome back”
Why, thank you.
I’m doing a second stay at Sam’s – he’s in Mexico and I get to pretend I live in NYC.

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