14th & Ave. B – Tuesday 31dec2013

There is a park that runs along the East River and I decided to check it out. I wasn’t sure how to get there but I saw a lady with a dog, and she showed me the pedestrian bridge that goes over the highway to the park. There were a few tug boats on the water and across the River – on the Brooklyn side – industrial buildings crowded the bank. It was cold but very sunny and the river and sky were beautifully blue. I walked until I thought I was near the end of the park and then took another overpass back across the highway. I was now on the Lower East Side bordering on China town. I stopped for some coffee at a small shop that I assume was run by Israelis since the pastries were labeled Kosher. Then I walked and got colder and colder and finally gave up and took the subway back. wpid-2013-12-31-10.17.03.jpg

I put my feet up for a while and then headed out for a concert at Trinity Church on Wall Street. I bought this ticket for a choral performance of Rachmaninoff Vespers not because I knew anything about the music but because I wanted to hear live music while I was in NY and the location and time were right. The church is built in a traditional Gothic style, and it was the perfect setting for this concert. The chorus had about 30 voices and when they sang, it was piercingly beautiful. All my wayward thoughts dissolved and I sat there with this magnificent sound flowing through my head. A very nice way to end the year.

Happy New Years!

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