14th & Ave. B – Monday 30dec2013

Today was a good day. Did lots of walking. The East Village – just
below where I am staying – is an older, run down section of the city.
Lots of storefronts for various social service agencies, people pushing grocery carts.

I passed a park and saw some Chinese women doing tai chi but it wasn’t a forum I’m familiar with.

I walked West and could feel the prices rising with each step that I took. Some of the buildings still looked shabby but not the tenants or the rents. I bought some winter boots and ate a late lunch at an Indian restaurant and walked some more.

I saw Woody Allen’s latest movie – Blue Jasmine. Well done, but the more I thought about it, the odder it seemed. It’s a story of two sisters – working class Ginger, and Jasmine who’s a high-living socialite before her downfall. Several times in the film, there’s a mention that the sisters are adopted and Mom favored Jasmine, the one with the ‘good genes’. The adoption angle seemed odd – hardly necessary to the story line. But then I remembered that Allen’s wife, Soon-Yi is the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow, Allen’s former companion. Did Farrow make invidious comparisons amongst her adopted children? And when Jasmine turns her financier husband into the Feds, it’s not because he’s a crook but because he’s leaving her for a young au pair – like the barely legal Soon-Yi with whom Allen was having an affair before he split with Farrow. I think he has lots of unresolved issues with Mia Farrow, but if you ignore all that, it’s a good film.

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