14th & Ave. B – Sun. 29dec13

The trip down to NYC was easy – the express bus was just that –then I took a cab to Sam’s place [when writing a ‘diary’ should one mention things that are embarrassing or stupid, or pretend such things never happen?] Sam had given me a set of keys when I was in the city on the 16th so everything should have gone smoothly.

The lobby door opens with a plastic i.d card. I waved the card in front of the reader, the door buzzed but the handle wouldn’t turn. I tried it in every which way and then waited for another tenant and followed them in. I got to Sam’s door and the key I had for his apt. didn’t fit the lock. I stood there, and felt like I had entered the twilight zone. On Saturday, I had re-arranged my keys and put Sam’s key on a separate lanyard – that was to make sure I didn’t lose it. I remembered that his key and my front door key looked exactly alike (I was sure about that ) I pulled out my own keys and my door key was missing. I stood there with the horrible thought that I had the somehow switched the keys and lost his. I called Sam. He was very calm. He read off the 5 digits that were etched on his key. The numbers didn’t match the key I had in my hand. He called a friend who agreed to bike over with a set of backup keys The friend lives about ½ mile away, and it was cold and pouring rain. In the meantime, my phone kept cutting out and I went back to the lobby for better reception. I tried the lobby door again – Sam explained that when the door buzzed all you had to do was to push the door open – you didn’t need to turn the handle. Oh. [embarrassed sigh] I looked at my own keys again. And surprise, surprise – one of them had the correct 5 digits on it – but it didn’t look like the key I remembered. I went back upstairs and tried the key – it worked. Now I felt doubly stupid and Sam couldn’t reach his friend who was biking over in the rain. The friend arrived, he was gracious. I thanked him and he rode away in the freezing rain.
Sam had left a bottle of wine on the table and an Italian olive loaf.
Thank you. I needed that.

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