14th & Ave. B

Tomorrow, Sunday, begins my second adventure in ‘living’ in NYC. During the summer I spent 5 days in Washington Heights watching 3 cats, this time is even better: a friend wanted someone to stay at his apt. while he’s away. I jumped at the chance. His place is at 14th and Ave. B – a busy, interesting area. I’ll be there over New Years and have a ticket for a Poetry Marathon at St. Mark’s on New Years Day.
I discovered the word ‘Flaneur’ when we read Frank O’Hara’s poems in ModPo. It means idler, loafer – or one who walks about doing nothing in particular. That is my favorite thing to do — just walk about – get to the corner – go left – see an interesting side street, or a shop – explore, etc. I’m hoping for walkable weather.

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