That’s ModPo…

You see a course advertised – it’s free
Modern & Contemporary American Poetry:
ModPo – Why not?
So you fire up your computer – and set off to MOOC land
Prof. Al greets you and introduces his helpers
Julia, Dave, Amaris and Molly
Kristen, Emily, Anna and Max

The room begins spinning
and at first you think – must be something I ate
but the room keeps spinning – faster and faster
and pretty soon you’re floating and tumbling about
in a strange meta-sphere
and there’s words everywhere and everywhere blackbirds
and strange little buttons
and more words and parts of words, and splinters and trees
and long hallways with doors and each door a discussion
and people discussing and sometimes
just cussing.
And each week you spin faster and faster and faster
and then it’s week ten – you’re screaming “That’s not a poem!”
Thwunck! – it’s the end.

You’re back in your room and there
on the screen – Prof. Al – grinning
and you hear him exclaim as he
fades out of sight –
You’re a Modpo-er now!
Come see us in Philly

And that is ModPo.

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