ModPo – essay#4

This is the final day of ModPo. I’m still working out my impressions of the class. Below is the non-essay I submitted for the final assignment – we were to ‘write’ a mesostic. I got tired, picked up my pen and quickly wrote whatever came to mind. Shows how befuddled I’ve become.

Essay #4
Is John Cage an autistic savant? A composer of sardines and oranges who prefers notes that contain the void of interstellar space rather than sonic chords and Norwegian woods? And what has this to do with the assignment? I took Al Filreis’ introductory text to week 9 and ran it through a mesostic generator : used the phrase is this a poem. 10x and then that 5x and that 2 x and that 1x and arrived at: [nonsense – I’m omitting from this post]

Is this a poem.? I cannot say. I only arrived here by chance – English my only language.
Learned people suppose and read Stein in Albany – which by the way, I like. I went to Albany (NY) once. But Robert Frost and Dr. Williams never crossed my way. The train was late and I remember a red worn station and a man with a panama hat leaning on a railing.man_on_platform But what has this to do with poetry? It seems to me that poets write with words and painters paint with paint and musicians compose with sound and sculptors sometimes use marble and sometimes clay and sometimes carve up trees. So is this poem? What do words mean. And if we mean to have no meaning, what does that mean? I do believe the conscious self – the practical self – get out of bed,and eat a bowl of cereal and don’t forget the laundry self – pays attention to the ordinary. But inside – residing in the cellar of the mind there is a deeper longing – and funny words and dreams sleep there and when sometime they creep out – we may indeed write poetry. But if we toss out words – what will we use – umbrellas are awkward and ford automobiles are too large and even the low end models are too expensive. So if we discard words, how can we make poetry? That is a question that I ponder.  For me – I sit and stare and listen to the sea gulls. They just wing it.
The end.
Below is my favorite peer review
Is Say. The Has It Seems thAt souNd som Etimes So iS whAt funnY

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