I took a walk 2nov2013

I took a walk today
and saw a man with a long white beard
sitting on the courthouse steps – singing
Jesse James was a lad that killed many a man,
He robbed the Danville train.

I picked up the shoes, I left for stretching
paid and walked downhill.
At the corner, I saw
a balding man
with a plastic Wonder Woman band
around his head
At his feet, a plastic bag and canvas sack.
Balancing on bent crutches,
He said – How are you doing?
I pointed to the kids across the street, said
If they were boy scouts – they’d help you
He said, he had been a cub scout once – passed the test and all
Just trying to do his laundry now
He didn’t need drink and cigarettes
It was his test – to manage.

I walked on,
past porches lined with jack-o-lanterns
and sidewalks thick with leaves.

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