cat sitting – wrap up

Overall it was a fun experience and I’m glad I did it.

I’ve been thinking of living in NYC next year, and I wanted to see what that would feel like. I registered at at the end of May, browsed the listings, and found one in a Manhattan neighborhood I wanted to explore. The cat owner contacted me a few weeks later. I made a quick trip to city to meet her. She was very nice, reasonable in her expectations, and we quickly agreed: in exchange for caring for her 3 cats, I would have free use of her apartment, a small one bedroom. It was nicely decorated,very clean and one short block from the subway and 2 major bus lines.

Cat care:
Twice a day, I fed them, changed their water, scooped the poop and gave the old cat his meds. The two younger cats were not difficult, but the old cat wouldn’t always take his meds, and there were hair balls and cat barf to clean up. By mid-week, I was having an asthma-like breathing problem. The cats? The heat? On Wednesday, there was a glitch in the delivery of cat supplies. At first, I was annoyed, but then I decided that life and travel is all about flexibility and coping with the unexpected. I solved the problem by going to the store and buying the missing item.

Cat sitting made me feel adventuresome, and my personal success this past week was mastering the NYC transit system: I travelled easily on subway and busses, bought and refilled a Metro card, and learned how to read the bus schedules.The best part of the week was having dinner with my friends on Wednesday evening.
It was a good week, but if I do this again, it will be for one cat or a house full of plants.

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