cat sitting – day 5

T-storms were forecast for today so decided on Metropolitan Museum of Art. The M4 bus stops one block away, and it goes right past the Museum.

At a stop near 110th, two very heavy-set women in wheel chairs got on.
The driver raised 2 rows of seats to make space for them and lowered the ramp and the 2 ladies motored in.  They did a great job maneuvering their chairs and paralleled parked  into the tight space. I was impressed. I never could parallel park. 

When I got to the museum, I asked for directions to the rooftop – great view and usually an interesting exhibit. Woman who directed me said the exhibit was painted in real blood, but looked like flowers. okeeey…
When I got up there, the sign described work of a Pakistani artist, Imran Qureshi,
I didn’t see anything. Just as I was about to ask the guard, I looked down and saw blood red splotches on the floor that were actually the petals of flowers but also suggested a school of small fish or the beaks of closely huddled birds. The guard was amused that someone had told me it was painted in blood.

The Museum offers so much.
My favorites on this visit were a red clay statue from 11th century Africa (don’t remember the country) of a man sitting with legs folded and his back hunched over. Also,the American exhibit of decorative art  – items I don’t usually pay much attention to but some of the vases were beautiful. SAMSUNG
Also, the paintings of John Singer Sargeant and Childe Hassam, an artist I had never heard of. I just added “museum” to my requirements of city to live in.  Amusing part of day – a man asked me if I was from Little Rock. As soon as I opened my mouth to reply, he knew he was mistaken.
Boarded the bus to go back just as it started to rain.

I fed the cats and had to try hard to get the old cat to take his meds.
10 minutes later he barfed all over the floor.  Cat owner called a little later and was very sympathetic to problems with her old kitty. Overall the week has worked well for both of us.

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