catsitting – day 4

Thursday July 11
Got off to slow start. I packed light and needed to do laundry. To use the washers/dryers in the building I had to buy a card with $5 bill. I  didn’t have a $5 bill so I made a quick trip  to the store. When I got back, I found that there wasn’t enough laundry detergent for a load, so back I went to the store and bought the tiniest box of soap I could find. Then I discovered that the $5 laundry card I had just purchased had a zero value and I had to add money but it didn’t take singles and smallest bill I had was a $10.aaggghhh!

I went out for a walk but when I got to corner of 157th the M5 pulled up and sign read “South Ferry”. Why not?

The M5 runs down Broadway through Spanish Harlem then turns onto Riverside Drive and travels along Riverside Park. The bus crosses over to the West side at 59th St., Columbus Circle; then down 5th Ave.,glitzy and crowded with lots of expensive shops: Tourists  in tee shirts and shorts and NYers dressed for success. A young side walk beggar with a heart-breaking sign “pregnant, abused.Need money for food and bus ticket”
Down through Greenwich Village and Soho where everyone seems dressed for a part in a movie but not the same movie. The bus ends at the Staten Island Ferry terminal. The ferry is free so I got in line. Nice woman told me that the best view of Statute of Liberty is from the right side. She was right and it also provided a great view of the replacement tower for the World Trade Center. The ferry regulars read or dozed, and the tourist crowded the sides and took photos. SAMSUNG
Back on Manhattan side, I walked along Battery looking for place to eat. Settled on outdoor Italian restaurant. Average food, but I had a table facing the Statue of Liberty.

Took subway back and found 3 hungry kitties waiting for me.

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