cat sitting – day 3

A bit of a running around day – Wed July 10. The cat food delivery yesterday didn’t include the pill pockets (gummy balls with an indent ) that are used to give old cat his meds. The pet store was a few subway stops away in Hudson Heights so I took train up there. The vibrancy of this area is apparent as soon as you get above ground. Lots of people out strolling or schmoozing. Shops looked clean and busy. A crowded Starbucks but it looked like gathering of neighbors. Real grocery stores and delis with side walk bins filled with fresh fruit. Saw NY’s finest handcuff a guy. Easily found pet food shop – appropriately called Spoiled Brats (the pets? or their owners?)
Made note to explore this area further. Next stop. 125th St. Harlem.; I’m meeting 2 friends from NJ. for dinner tonight and L suggested I check out this area for a restaurant.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but my white face did not stand out. A predominance of dark faces but like all of NY, there were faces from around the world. I walked around for 20-30 minutes and closest thing I saw to a restaurant was a McDonald’s. Too hot to explore further, and I went back and hung out with the cats.  I made dinner reservations at New Leaf, a great restaurant in Fort Tryon park near the Cloisters Museum. Met friends there at 5:00, and we sat outside with our drinks until 6:00. Dinner was perfect – we shared red snapper, a pasta dish,Pappardelle, and a roasted chicken that made me remember what good chicken tastes like. In good weather, New Leaf opens its wide windows and doors so it feels like you’re eating in a private garden. Best part of the evening was my friends. I hadn’t seen them it almost 2 years, but we chatted like it had been 2 weeks.

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