cat sitting – day 2

Very hot again today. I went out for walk around 8:00 along Riverside Drive – Great view of the George Washington  Bridge and New Jersey across the Hudson.
On the way back, I stopped at the neighborhood donut shop and got a scrambled egg sandwich and a big container of fresh fruit with slices of mangoes. It was really good, and a lot cheaper than it would have been in a more expensive neighborhood.
Later in morning, I took the subway and spent several hours exploring the north end of Central Park. There are several small ponds, and there were lots of adults and kids fishing. The Park has a ‘catch and release’ policy but that didn’t seem to spoil anyone’s fun. The nicest surprise was the Central Park Conservancy’s trio of formal gardens – Italian, English and French. All beautiful.  The park was so calming. I would have stayed all day if it hadn’t been so hot.
Right now, I’m sitting here with 3 lolling cats waiting for a delivery of cat food.

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