dream 3Jun2013

I was out walking
bright sunny day
through a green field with black and white cows
that led to a path through a green wooded park
two brown dogs ran past me
with gray coats on their backs
then two girls walked by and gave me a frown
I was wearing a skirt,
Did I look out of place?

Then out to the street where five streets converged
urban and gritty, auto repair
shoppers out shopping
I went into a store
crowded with people sitting at counters
then down concrete steps
that led back to the street

Day getting darker
I thought I should go
but I couldn’t remember
the way that I had come

I asked a plump lady in a pale yellow dress
she tried to be helpful
but didn’t know where I meant
I said near the airport,
She smiled and pointed
down this road,
to the left

I opened my eyes
6 a.m. in my room
I knew where
I was

But not where
I should


I woke from a dream this morning and wrote it down quickly. I’ve had similar dreams since I was a child.

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