I was strange and distant child
I grew into a stranger man
I thought I was the son of God
I found out differently
I was a man

When I was nailed to the cross
and cried out
Father, all is lost
My followers quickly stopped my mouth
with a drug soaked rag to mute my plea
they did not want to hear
that I was mortal

I died and did not wake
no heaven or hell awaited me, no blessed arms did comfort me
Three days I rotted in the tomb, and when they found me maggot-ridden
they proclaimed
He is risen!
Their faith was stronger than the truth

and so it went…
down all the years

What would I do if I were to walk this earth again?
I’d be a carpenter and build with oak
useful things like cottages and rocking chairs

What is life? What is it for?
I do not know.

I’m sorry.

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