Sunday in the Park

Sitting in the park
minding my own business
Sunday paper
catching some rays

I guy walks up
[appropriate age]

Hi, nice weather, he says
Nice weather, say I

He sits down
[hmmm. What’s this]

Introduces himself
gives me his card

Your, accent? Italian?
No, Turkish. From Istanbul
A son and a daughter
in US 3 years

then matter-of-factly:
“you have a beautiful body
Most women too fat
should exercise more”

He exercises
[I’m exercised!]

We talk about turkey
and good Turkish food

He knows a place
He could pick up some food
we could meet in the park

He looks away. I look away.

I pick up his card.
“I’ll give you a call”

go home
take a cold shower

Never do.


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