Just my luck

I think I need an amulet – a big one – to ward of accidents.
Clumsy, I am not, but walking home from the farmers’ market, I tripped and broke
both my wrists – who puts a step in the sidewalk? Some part of luck is still with me. A tall woman emerged from an SUV, ‘can I help. I am a nurse’. Another trip ( no pun intended) to the ER. 4 months ago, a backwards car – on a one-way street – ran into me, and then there was the incident with the dog….
My-ex, said ‘I hope you make it to your birthday’ – 3 weeks away.

No worries, dear. I will survive.

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Cafe Fili

Cafe File at Read and Cathedral
Saturday morning
young staff welcoming yawning
On bar stool facing the window – black baseball cap
tall cold brew

at table, stout lady dark hair bangs chatting with striped shirt
two geezers walk in sit at the next table – sipping, debating
– stay or go? – recital at 3:30
one goes, one joins the stout lady

Two 20’s, flip-flops and shorts raise their shades ponder the menu
hipster at counter staring at laptop idling sipping – short buzz cut

avocado zaatar toast with egg – coffee

you don’t know what you got till it’s gone..
rock me mama like a South bound train…times they are a’changing

outside the window
Emmanuel Episcopal framed by the blue sky.
Mount Vernon.

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This may look like weeds but it once was covered with demolition rubble –
then bulldozed clean and spread with seed. I call it life.

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Little birds

The little birds seem
wary of the crumbs, but
when the blue green pigeon comes
they join the feast and
peck the sidewalk clean.

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Purple Ribbons

Purple ribbons
streaming names
sidewalk’s prey

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Old dog

Old Jack Russell
Autumn sun
last rays

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Monday Aug. 21 ’17

The Sun amused
by the tiny moon
– with crescent smile –
plays peek-a-boo

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