Mother’s Day

Walking by the Basilica,
church-goers exiting
A woman in a gauzy Spring dress
with her cane wielding Mother behind her.
– A light breeze –
The Mother barks – Hold your dress down
The woman dutifully drops her arm to her side –
stoically keeps walking.

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my head

I look at it everyday
inside I’ve never seen
It means everything to me
without it –
I’m not me.

napowrimo prompt for today – describe a small interior space
My goal this year was to post on at least 15 days. I think I’m there.

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Rules of the Game

When I was young, I went to football games.
We were expected to cheer the school team on.
I was always mystified as how the players knew
which way to run. Then in my Senior year, the light came on –
They run in the direction that they’re facing, when they line up.
I asked to see the rule book and was told, just watch and learn.
I’ve tried – It’s challenging.

Like when someone says “How are you?” They don’t actually want to hear it.
Or how everyone knows just what to wear
to a funeral or summer wedding.

So if you want to play a game – I’ll try.
Just dot the ‘i’s” and cross the ‘t’s’- spell out the rules.
I’m still a little clueless.

The napowrimo prompt for today – write a poem using language from any game.

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Dim all the lights

Now turns the day
into the night –
Gently going.

Close the eyes.
Draw up the sheet.
Dim all the lights.

Gently gone –
Good night.

napowrimo prompt for today – write a nocturne

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Middle of me

Why is my middle so bigger?
Wider than the top of me
Much wider than the foot of me

Napowrimo prompt today – write about a middle

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on a bench

On a bench
by the station
weathered face
to the sun

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if you fall in the well

Watch where you step
there’s no safety net
If you fall in the well
It’s more bad luck to ya.

It’s dark and it’s deep down in the well
very few scale the steep walls
Sometimes a Samaritan tosses a life line
but it’s always too short
If you grab one, it’s flimsy
You fall to the bottom
Get stuck in the muck with the other

Don’t bother to yell
No one will hear ya.

Watch where you step
There’s no safety net
If you fall in the well
it’s more bad luck to ya.

I wrote this last night for no particular reason. When I saw that the day 12 prompt was to write a poem using alliteration and assonance, I changed a few words and called it day 12.

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